Metal or Proflist, What Is Better for Your Roof?

metal roof

Do you have a metal or a blended roof? It may sound like a question that has an obvious answer, but when deciding what type of roofing to get, it’s important to consider many factors. Whether your roof is metal or not can be one of those deciding factors. So what is the best option for your roof: metal or traditional wood shingles? Here are the top pros and cons of each type of roofing.


Pro: Metal roofs are more durable, waterproof and stylish. They also have the advantage of being lighter in weight than traditional, stick-on shingles. Some experts say metal roofing lasts up to 50 to 70 years, whereas wood roofs only last between 20 to 25 years. Also, mechanical engineers say that metal roofing is cheaper and less expensive than wood shingle roofs, since they don’t require annual maintenance. Metal roofs also tend to be cleaner and more energy efficient than wood shingle roofs because they do not hold on to debris, leaving them free of mold and mildew.


Pro: Metal roofing is backed by a lifetime warranty and has a 100% coverage guarantee if damaged by weather or other damage.


Con: Metal roofs are prone to rust and corrosion that occur over time. This can cause leaks in your roof and drainage issues if the metal is compromised. The metal can also become dented, which may be an aesthetic issue for some homeowners.


Con: Metal roofs are heavier than wood and usually need reinforcement as well as extra support to prevent collapse under the weight of the heavy metal panels. They also cost more than wood shingles, although they last longer.


Con: Metal roofs do not absorb heat, so they do not help regulate temperatures inside a home, which will increase the amount of energy you use to cool or heat your house during the summer and winter months.


Con: Metal roofs can be more expensive than wood shingles. Also, they do not require wood-related maintenance and can be installed quicker than other types of roofing.


How to find a good roof contractor?


If you’re not sure which type of roofing is best for your home, talk with a roofing contractor about your options. Quality roofers can help you determine whether a metal roof is the right choice for you and your home. They will also be able to explain how much each option will cost and what kind of maintenance the different types of roofs require.


Make sure to check references before choosing a company and get at least three quotes to compare costs and warranties offered by each contractor. You can also visit their business location and look at projects they have completed in the past or even speak with some homeowners who have had roofs installed by the company.


Bottom line

Metal roof installations are great for homeowners who don’t want to deal with the upkeep options such as replacement of gutters and downspouts, as well as yearly or bi-yearly inspection. It’s also a good choice for homeowners who want the look and durability of metal but don’t want to pay for it over time because the metal will last for years to come.


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