5 Tips to Save Your Roof

roof tips

By following these tips, you can save yourself time and money in the long run. You will be able to keep your roof in good shape so that it can last for a very long time!


Tip No. 1: Always keep an eye on the blue sky


It is essential to always be aware of any changes in the weather that may influence your roof. There are many ways you can watch for trouble coming to your roof, including checking for a shift in wind direction or keeping your ear tuned into weather reports on radio and television. If you see any dark clouds moving into the area, get up on your roof and check to see if there is any damage, such as missing shingles or loose nails.


Tip No. 2: Inspect the gutters


Gutters along the edge of your roof can be responsible for collecting water that comes off your roof. We usually take the gutters for granted, and don’t tend to pay much attention to them unless a problem arises, such as when they flood our lawns or are infested with mold. This is quite unfortunate as it leaves a lot of room for damage to go unnoticed until it’s too late. Inspecting your gutters regularly is a great way to catch any problems early on and prevent expensive damages from occurring. A great time to check out your gutters is after a heavy rain.


Tip No. 3: Walk around the edge of the roof


Walk around the edge of your roof and make sure that all nails have remained intact, especially those that hold on shingles. Check to see if there are any wet spots along your roof. Wetness can be a sign of a leak or even a strike from lightning in some cases. It is better to be safe than sorry so you may want to call in a professional if you are confused as to what might be causing the wetness.


Tip No. 4: Inspect vents and chimneys


An easy way to make sure your chimney has not received any damage is by climbing up on your roof and checking it out in person. If you have a chimney with flue, it is important to clean the chimney to avoid any problems with your fireplace and flue. Check for signs of damage that may have occurred in the past, such as leaks or cracks. Inspect your vents and make sure they are in good working order so that no problems occur in the future.


Tip No. 5: Look around the roof


Look around your roof, especially along the eaves or valleys in order to keep an eye out for any hazards or possible drainage issues that may exist. You can also look around your gutter systems to see if there are any leaks. If you find any cracks or leaks, you may want to cover them up with a piece of plastic, depending on how serious the problem is.


Bottom line

A well-maintained roof is a great way to get the most out of your roof’s service life. By taking the time to perform these simple roof-checks, you will be able to make sure that your roof lasts for many years!


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