Top 10 Preventative Home Maintenance Tips – 2022 Guide

Home Maintenance

The idea of housework often sends shivers down one’s spine and brings only thoughts of burdensome, time-consuming chores. However, with a careful and intelligent approach to home maintenance, this should not be the case. It is possible to maintain one’s home in a healthy, clean state while simultaneously saving time and money.


Preventative maintenance helps to avoid problems before they happen. It also helps you to stay within your budget. 


By performing preventative maintenance on a regular basis, you’ll be able to maintain your home in a safe, healthy state and save money in the long run.


Here are some preventative maintenance tips for the home:


Take Advantage of Used Items: Used rugs, curtains, and furniture make great investments because they are already cleaned and sanitized and can be purchased at a fraction of their new price. Most used items also have warranties. 


Most of the time, used items are in good condition and can be cleaned and sanitized to look like new.


Take Advantage of FREE Stuff: Free stuff is everywhere! Many local libraries hold book drives for the community and people throw out a lot of books. Next time you are at a garage sale or goodwill, remember to check out their inventory. 


And if you have time, you can always have a book drive to collect books from your neighbors, family and friends.


Service Regularly:  On average, the kitchen sink, refrigerator and stove should be cleaned once every month. This can include removing grime around the disposal with a damp cloth or mild abrasive cleaner. 


The stove top and surrounding area should be wiped down with a clean damp cloth or sponge after each use. The kitchen cabinets should be wiped off with a disinfecting cleaner once every three months.


Keep Vents Clean:  Annual cleaning of your dryer’s vents can save energy and prolong the life of the appliance. This can be done on a yearly basis by removing the vent from the wall of your house, hosing it down with water to remove any lint, and then placing it back in its original location.


Keep Windows Clean:  Regular window washing can save energy. A chamois-type cloth and a mild ammonia-free cleaner is all that you need for windows. The best time to clean the windows out is during the summer when they are warm, but remember to take care of them because they will be much colder in the winter.

Clean the Toilet: Toss in a little bleach and 50/50 vinegar and water when doing your regular toilet-cleaning. This will help kill germs in your home.


Inspect the Ceiling Fans: Because ceiling fans sit above the floor, they are a great way to circulate air around your home and keep it cool. To make your ceiling fans last longer, it’s a good idea to check them at least once a month. 


You should clean your fans by removing the blades and applying a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the blades. If there is dust on the fan, use a vacuum cleaner and then dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.


Maintain Your Driveway: For edging around pools and patios, it’s important to use cedar-colored mulch. The dust from gravel can irritate your lungs and be a danger to children. It’s also a good idea to use a weed barrier under mulch. 


It will keep weeds from coming up and need to be treated with pesticides.


Always make sure you take advantage of used items when possible, and turn your home into the clean, healthy environment that you want it to be. At times, it might be tempting to shell out money to hire someone to do the maintenance for you. 


However, unless a problem is too big or too expensive, it is always better to try and fix these issues yourself.


The key to an easier life is organization. There are many aspects of organization that need to be in place for one to lead a more simple, yet still fulfilling life. These are things like planning, scheduling, and By keeping your home organized and making sure that you clean on a regular basis, you will be able to save money and handle any problems that arise in your home.

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