5 Tips for Improving Your Home Decorating Skills

Home Decorating Skills

Every room in your home should be inviting, comfortable, and perfect. 


Follow these 5 tips to improve your home decorating skills and achieve that perfect look! – Use a grey or natural color scheme.


  1. Choose your colors wisely: One of the best ways to make a room feel more open is by using lighter colors in the ceiling, walls, and flooring. Lighter colors will help your eye move through the room and make the space seem larger. 


Darker colors will make a room feel smaller and can cause the room to be a bit depressing.


  1. Use your furniture layout cues: One great way to design a comfortable living room is to use furniture layout cues. Your furniture needs to be organized in an effective manner for you to fully enjoy it. 


Living rooms are meant for relaxing, entertaining, and conversing with loved ones. Layouts can be laid out to support this type of activity.


  1. Every room needs a focal point. No matter how small or large, every room should have a center of attention. If it’s not an obvious focal point, choose something that is symbolic and/or interesting to you.


The focal point serves as a foundation for the rest of the room and helps define your theme.


  1. Use vertical surfaces to create depth: Creating depth in your room can be achieved by making things that would be out of sight, such as furniture or appliances, visible and creating horizontal surfaces to contrast them. 


There are many different ways to do this. A good way to make the most out of your room is hanging paintings on the wall or adding shelves.


  1. Keep your decorations simple: Adding too much to a room can make it feel cluttered and drawn out. It’s important to start simple with your decorating and add more as you progress. Home design is all about creating an illusion, so keep that in mind when you go overboard with your decorations! 


The key to getting the most out of furniture is to plan ahead and know what you are looking for. You should be able to see each piece of furniture easily and know exactly where it should go in the room.


  1. Create a focal point with accessories: Accessories in your home should have a purpose or tie in with one of your themes. 15% accessories are strictly decorative, while the remaining 85% are used to make the room feel more complete and comfortable. 


For example, an accent rug is perfect on a wooden flooring in the living room. Shelf storage is a great way to show off your art or collectibles without taking up too much space.


The Case

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