How to Install a Window A/C Unit – the Ultimate Guide

Install a Window A/C Unit

If you’re looking for a plugin air conditioner to cool down your house, this blog is for you. We’ll discuss the best window A/C units and how to install them for optimal comfort. Feel free to contact me if you have any particular problems or questions about installation of your new window A/C unit.


This blog is for information purposes only. I’m not a licensed contractor and you should always check with a licensed contractor before doing any work on your home.

If the window opening is larger than “36 x 24″, you’ll need to install a custom window kit, which can be expensive. You can find more information about these kits at this website.


If you live in an old house and you’re planning to install an air conditioner for the first time, it’s possible that there isn’t window trim for you to attach to. If that’s the case, then you’re going to have to hire a contractor or learn how to build your own windows from scratch. 


That’s what I did in my 100 year old house. You can see pictures here.


Some window air conditioners require a secured screen in order for it to be vented properly. They also require it for safety concerns. The screen is attached with clips or brackets, which are available at most home improvement stores for about $15. You can find out more information at this website.


Window ac units are super in the summer, but not so much in the winter. That’s why you need to have a properly sized window A/C unit during the winter months. If you don’t have one, you risk running your central heating system to keep your house warm during the night.


A window air conditioner is a compact air conditioning unit that fits into an “8 x 8″ frame window frame. It cools off the room and vents outside the house. 


It’s great for bedrooms and can also be used in the basement, garage, or any other small area of your house where you don’t have central cooling.


Houses built before 1976 don’t have window frames that will fit a window ac unit. You’ll need to install a custom window kit or you could build your own windows from scratch. You can find more information about this at this website.


If you want a unit that’s quiet, then choose an air conditioner with the Energy Star label. This means that it uses a lot less energy, which is great for the environment. However, not all Energy Star label air conditioners deliver the same level of cooling as high-end models. 


You’ll need to find out what type of condenser your area experiences and choose accordingly.


There are two different types of air conditioners:

  1. the window A/C unit
  2. the split-system air conditioner. 


The window A/C unit is smaller and only cools one room at a time. An evaporative cooling air conditioning unit can be installed in an exterior wall or ceiling. They’re great for cooling the whole house on really hot days.


When shopping for a small cool air conditioning unit, look for the BTUs per hour rating on the box. This will tell you how powerful the air conditioner is. How much air conditioning do you need? You can check out my blog post on this here.


Most window A/C units are able to blow cold air, but they aren’t suitable for really cold weather. For really cold weather, you should buy a split-system A/C unit that cools the room and blows warm air outside. 


I have one for my bedroom and it’s great for winter nights. You can find out more about split-system air conditioners and their pros and cons here.


I have a window A/C unit in my house and I love it. I can hear it working at all times of the day, but there’s only one room that it cools; my bedroom. When it’s really hot outside, I can hear it working from across the house. 


That’s why I chose this particular ac unit. You can see my window unit installation here.


For other bloggers, you can find more information about installation of window air conditioners at this website.


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